Stoneage NFT
Stoneage NFT
Hi, I'm Leonard
Welcome to Stoneage NFT where Stones, or known as GeStone (GES) are deemed as the main mode of transaction within the ecosystem. GeStone (GES) can be used in the marketplace as a mode of currency, as NFTs, as auction bids, as Creators, as well as games! GES is also widely accepted within other stores using the Binance Smart Chain Technology. Behold, Stoneage NFT and GES.

How does Stoneage NFT Marketplace works?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens that represent ownership of something inherently distinct whether it be a physical or digital item, such as artwork, a soundtrack, a collectible, an in-game item, or real estate. Stoneage NFT Marketplace is a hub where various types of NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded, auction as well as create. In order to access and use the tools and features integrated into the marketplace, users need to connect their crypto wallet such as Metamask, Token Pocket, Wallet Connect and users are prompt to connect their wallet by extension or DApps.

What makes Stoneage NFT stand out from the rest?

Stoneage NFT combines DeFi & NFT in a single platform, a hybrid platform where both the DeFi protocol and Non-Fungible Tokens can be integrated which creates another level of user experience. This combination in protocols enables Stoneage NFT to provide a marketplace consisting of Market Explorer, Cross-Chain & Cross-NFT Stores, NFT Creators, and Gamification.
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