Stoneage NFT

Public Sales

How-Tos Participate

To participate in the Initial Stone Offering (ISO), the first thing you'll need to do is to set up a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Wallets are available both on desktop computers and on smartphone devices.
Once connected, navigate to Stoneage NFT home page, click on "Buy Now" and you will be directing to the Initial Stone Offering (ISO) page.
You will only able to choose 2 options: GEG or BUSD to purchase GeStone (GES) at the Initial Stone Offering (ISO).

Initial Stone Offering (ISO) - ENDED

Date: 15 October 2021 UTC 1200
Ends: 20 October 2021 UTC 1159
47,500,000 GES (GEG)
47,500,000 GES (BUSD)
Price: $ 0.008
Min Purchase: 12,500 GES
Max Purchase: 125,000 GES
Contract address : 0x01ad5c8ca6b2470cbc81c398336f83aae22e4471
100% of collected GEG will be fully destructed to sustain GemStone Finance (GeFi) ecosystem. Note that all the Public Sales purchased will be distributed during the official launching of Stoneage NFT Marketplace.
We are hereby to announce that we have raised a total of 379,999.8532200794152 BUSD and 3052.79879559 GEG from the Initial Stone Offering (ISO):
GES Sold: 47,499,986.46229518
GES Balance: 13.52770482 (Burn)
Total Raised in BUSD: 379,999.8532200794152
ISO BUSD Storage: 0x89D240767cC073a795F7505cCd323fC6BBFfdd55
GES Sold: 47,499,966.65250993
GES Balance: 33.34749007 (Burn)
Total Raised in GEG: 3052.79879559
ISO GEG Storage: 0x6F309B13e6e24E91615e670Ca21847649948B93A
As the Initial Stone Offering (ISO) has come to an end, all the ISO purchases are directly distributed into buyer wallet after the purchases. If your purchased $GES haven’t appeared in your Binance Smart Chain (BSC), please do create a custom token with the contract address below in your wallet.
GES Contract Address: 0x01ad5c8ca6b2470cbc81c398336f83aae22e4471
To be announced that collected GEG and unsold token will be send to dead address to permanently destroy. The destroy date will be effectively on 1st November 2021 UTC 0900.
Burning Contract Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

Initial Dex Offering (IDO) - DODO

IDO Crowdpooling - DODO
Date: 3 November 2021 UTC 1200
Ends: 5 November 2021 UTC 1159
20,000,000 GES (USDT)
Price: $ 0.01
Max Hard Cap: $ 200,000
Max Personal Hard Cap: $ 100 USDT

How-Tos Participate

Navigate to Stoneage NFT Twitter and follow the steps to be whitelisted:
Once you have submitted the whitelist. Please wait patiently for the IDO crowdpooling event on 3 November 2021 UTC 1200.
Connect your wallet at the Top-Right side.
You may choose wallet of your preference which compatible to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
You will see an pop out details on the right side once successfully connected to your wallet. You may choose maximum up to 100 USDT to purchase GES.
Click on Add button to proceed with your purchases. You will be directing to your wallet connect for final confirmation. Once you have approved your BSC transactions, congratulations, you have successfully purchased GES. The IDO crowdpooling event will ends at 5 November 2021 UTC 1159 and all the collected funds will be directly added into DODO liquidity pools. You may start to swap or stake in GES-USDT liquidity pools to earn more GES.

Initial Dex Offering (IDO) - ENDED

Starts: 3 November 2021 UTC 0600
Ends: 4 November 2021 UTC 0559 (Ended)
5,000,000 GES (USDT)
Price: $ 0.01
Max hard cap: $ 50,000
Max Personal Hard Cap: $ 100