Stoneage NFT

Auction NFT

If you’ve been an avid follower of Stoneage NFT, since our launch of Public Sales to NFT marketplace in the past 2 months, you would have know that the team has been working round the clock daily to continuously enhance the ecosystem to ensure that GES and the marketplace functions are solid and user friendly
On this upcoming Stoneage NFT marketplace auction feature, it will allows users to bid on NFTs through a minimum increment bid auction system (English auction). Each new bid raises the price until the seller accepts the offer, or the auction has ended.

Auction Feature on Stoneage NFT

Auction Feature on Stoneage NFT is now officially LIVE. Anyone can bid on an NFT that’s either currently on sale or not on sale. The seller can decide which bid they want to accept, and before the bidding price is accepted, the buyer/bidder can cancel it at any time.
This ensures that no one is stuck on any bid, as it can be cancelled before anyone started to bid, and at the same time it offers users the ability to bid for interesting NFTs that are not on sales.
Graphic example of the bidding process:

Create an Auction

Creating an auction is easy as minting a Single BEP-721 NFT. You will need to connect your wallet and navigate to Create on the top side and click on Single BEP-721.
Click Confirm to mint your NFT and 100 GES will be needed for Storage Fees. You will need to approve your transaction from your wallet.
Choose On Auction and insert your Auction details.
Fill in your Auction details responsively and proceed with Next button. Do note that you will need to insert future start date and time.
Final steps, click on List for Auction and approve your transaction from your wallet.
Congratulations! Your NFT is now officially on Stoneage NFT Auction. Share your Auction with friends and families.