Stoneage NFT

Experimental NFT (Test Net)

Starting from the Soft Launch of Stoneage NFT Marketplace, users are able to set up their creator profile uniquely after connecting their wallet. Please take note that the wallet has to be compatible with Binance Smart Chain. Users are allowed to change the profile image, biodata description and even the cover photo. However, the function of minting NFT and buy/sell function are disabled. All the main functions will be launched on the Official Launching of Stoneage NFT Marketplace. So do not worry and think that there’s bug on our websites.
The test net of GES trials will be airdropped to existing GEG holders in order to experience uploading and trading of NFT in the test net! We will be launching a demo version of Stoneage NFT Marketplace which is so-called the test net. Users are allowed to test all the functions in the demo Marketplace such as minting your own NFT, Buying and Selling. The purpose of launching the demo version is that Stoneage NFT would like to get our users to get familiar to the functions so that they won’t be confused when Stoneage NFT Marketplace is officially launched. However, once Stoneage NFT Marketplace is officially launched, all of the uploaded NFT in the demo version won’t be listed on the official Stoneage NFT Marketplace.