Stoneage NFT


GameFi, which combines Game and DeFi into one word, is the gamification of financial mechanisms where users can earn profits by playing games. Another popular term for this sector is the Play to Earn model. On the surface, the keyword is “gaming,” but at the core, “finance” is what matters the most for blockchains. GameFi is the process of leveraging gamers’ interests in play-to-earn monetary mechanisms that make earning profits enjoyable across different activities with values to match.
The GameFi environment offers endless opportunities for developers to craft a new universe and world with their own hands, filled with creatures, events, objects, and even in-game economies to attract droves of players and keep them glued to the interface. Players are offered endless possibilities in generating income from in-game activities and engaging them with many gaming benefits.
Stoneage NFT will have our very own NFT Gaming revolving around Farming, Battling, Collecting, and so on! As starters, there will be collectible cards available as “Totems Blind Box” for early adopters.