Stoneage NFT


What does Tokenomics mean?

The term tokenomics is formed by combining the words token and economics. So, the term tokenomics basically describe the economics of a crypto or NFT token. It refers to all of a crypto token's features that make it desirable to investors.

GES are the tokens used in Stoneage NFT

GeStone, GES were introduced into Stoneage with a total supply of 950,000,000. GeStone, or GES are the main mode of transaction within the Stoneage NFT ecosystem. GES can be used in the Stoneage marketplace as currency, they can also be used as NFTs, as auction bids, as Creators, as well as for purchase of games, characters and special character accessories and power upgrades!
GES is also widely accepted within other stores using the Binance Smart Chain Technology Platform.
Stoneage NFT aims to be the world’s first and largest digital Gems & Jewellery marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) where members are able to buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets and physical products. GES also circulate within blockchain-powered games, multiplayer collectibles NFT camps, farm builders, battle games, where anyone can buy and own virtual lands, in mine exciting items and in platforms which offer the opportunity to meet new friends.
Total Supply
950,000,000 units
Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Trust Wallet / Token Pocket / Wallet Connect
Contract Address : 0x01ad5c8ca6b2470cbc81c398336f83aae22e4471
  • Mining 53% - 503,500,000 GES
  • Public Sales 15% - 142,500,000 GES
  • Partnership & Marketing 10% - 95,000,000 GES
  • Vault Staking 10% - 95,000,000 GES
  • NFT & Game Development 10% - 95,000,000 GES
  • Liquidity Management 2% - 19,000,000 GES

Initial Stone Offering (ISO)

47,500,000 GES (5%) of the collected funds in BUSD from the Initial Stone Offering (ISO) were dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable, rapid innovation, future incentives, and other products in the Stoneage NFT.
47,500,000 GES (5%) of the collected funds in GEG have been destructed to sustain GemStone Finance (GeFi) ecosystem.

Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

20,000,000 GES (2.105%) of the collected funds in USDT from the Initial Dex Offering.
20,000,000 GES (2.105%) will be acquire for DoDo liquidity management.
FLy Launchpad
5,000,000 GES (0.35%) of the collected funds in USDT from the Initial Dex Offering are being acquired for further development.

GeFi Finance Vault

95,000,000 GES (10%) will distributed to the GeFi finance vault for staking upon 2 years after commencement of services.

Partnership & Marketing

95,000,000 GES, equivalent to (10%) will be allocated to partnership & marketing activities such as NFT store partnerships, creators, artists, airdrops, affiliates and key opinion leaders.

NFT & Game Development

95,000,000 GES (10%) will be allocated for upgrading & further development of the NFT marketplace, gamification ecology, and NFT collection.


A total of 503,500,000 GES (53%) will be allocated for blockchain-powered gaming as below :
13% Stake Camp (2 years)
15% Stone Age Game
15% Stone Age MetaVerse
10% NFT Stone Mining (3 years)

Liquidity Management

19,000,000 GES (2%) will be allocated for liquidity management in DEX.